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Accelerate addressing business challenges with AI

Many business challenges and opportunities can be addressed with traditional technologies. Artificial Intelligence (AI) gives businesses a new extent of power, performance, and flexibility while creating new opportunities that were hardly achievable before.

a need for more knowledge among key stakeholders

the low availability of relevant expertise and skills on the market. 

The biggest obstacles to adopting and leveraging AI in business

We  are here to help you with both

Depending on where you are in your AI journey, awexon can help you prepare your leadership and key stakeholders for the era of AI, launch research and development initiatives to see the first results of using AI, and be your partner throughout the entire lifecycle of your AI-driven projects

Business and tech rarely speak the same language. Still, opportunities and challenges brought by AI are so significant that the entire leadership team must acquire a critical understanding of new technology and develop a sound strategy for transforming business with AI. We conduct executive workshops to make sure you are equipped with a strategic view of the impact of AI on your company

Acquiring a strategic understanding of AI


Convert your strategic understanding of the AI role into a mid-term roadmap, define priorities for AI projects implementation: from low-hanging fruits to gain practical experience and see the first positive impact, to strategic transformations enabled by AI. All that we can do together with a series of co-innovation sessions

Defining a corporate AI  strategy


Building critical in-house AI capabilities shall be your priority; however, it may take precious time. Move in parallel tracks using our expertise and capacity to do pilot implementations and R&D projects, while strategically acquiring essential AI resources. The wise combination of consulting/outsourcing and internal knowledge allows you to stay on par with the competition in a highly competitive market

Building essential AI capabilities and experimenting


Improve internal efficiency by adding AI elements to existing processes - speed up execution, free resources, minimize the chance of mistakes. Or completely redesign routines and functions to make them less dependent on human factors. Give your customers long-awaited personalization of services, offerings, and communications with AI. Reveal consumption patterns and preferences to boost sales and increase satisfaction.

Projects targeting internal efficiency

Competitive advantages initiatives

Continuous AI adoption and optimizing capabilities


AI enablers and accelerators awexon offers to companies of modern economy and traditional sectors

Automate labor-intensive and repetitive tasks

Process and analyze structured and unstructured data to derive actionable insights

Retrieve, classify, and process information to enhance productivity and compliance

Advise and guide employees, including on creative matters

Personalize services and customer experience

Use predictive analysis to improve process execution

Deploy virtual assistants and chatbots to provide immediate support

Integrate diverse systems and applications seamlessly

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