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Local presence in 3 markets US / UK / CH 

Group founded in  2016

Our clients have 1 - 100,000 employees

We at awexon are working to do our ordinary everyday magic: exceed your expectations, solve complex business issues with the help of tech, and make the impossible done. All that we do transparently, learning from you and sharing our knowledge, guiding your team through transformation enabled by IT

Alex Radchenko

awexon CEO

I started my career as a software engineer parallel to university and climbed from a junior tech specialist to a C-suite and founder role. I had a chance to work on revolutionary technologies starting in the late 90s and observed how they evolved until today. I learned from the best in several product start-ups. I built, developed, and led extraordinary engineering teams (up to 500 people under my management) scattered across the globe.

Delivered more than 100 successful and award-winning solutions, products, and platforms, including for Fortune 500 enterprises

Enabled competitive advantages and internal efficiency for companies from multiple verticals, including tech, financial services, healthcare, professional services, construction, retail, telco, utilities, hospitality and more

Led a significant corporate transformations, including in global public firms. Launched and led several educational initiatives for emerging leaders, business stakeholders, universities (including Harvard and UCU) and accelerators. I have mentored tens of talented CEOs, CTOs, and other leaders of multimillion-dollar companies and startups in the US and Europe to help them embrace current challenges, develop a better business strategy, and build efficient teams.


Serving as a board member in several tech, sustainability and other companies in the US and Europe. Recognized as a Fellow by BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, London




People in the group

Transform Your Business Today


Our Values


The tech services industry is not about technologies or innovations as such. Like any other industry, it is about trust.


Trust is the foundation on which we build all our relationships inside and outside the company. Always.


Everything we do, we do with a passion.  We strive and deliver the best.


Good enough is never good enough. You cannot be totally pragmatic and cold when doing what you love. And we genuinely love what we do. Hence, there is a passion.


We come from different parts of the world and have different backgrounds. From day one, the company has been driven by people who are very different.


We believe this gives us our superpower — the ability to solve any issue and overachieve.


Companies of our group, our engineers, managers, and consultants delivered multiple successful solutions and projects, launched teams to companies ranging from early-stage start-ups to unicorns and Fortune 500 enterprises.


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