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What stops enterprises from faster adoption of new technologies? Part #1

While several technological, financial, operational, cultural, and other reasons slow down the implementation of new solutions based on advanced technologies or the adoption of new products, legacy applications are one of the crucial showstoppers for any large enterprise.

Imagine you have invested millions over the last several decades in application development and maintenance, licenses, infrastructure, and associated areas. And it works. However, what you have cannot accommodate new requirements from business stakeholders, clients, partners, and employees.

Why is it so hard for enterprises to move on and leave this legacy behind?

1) Your data sits in your old apps

2) Transition to a new app itself costs you money, plus you will face resistance from multiple stakeholders while doing this transition (people used to pain and consider migration as a bigger unknown (more pain) than staying with what they get used to, even though it is ineffective). The cost of integration shall also be taken into account, and this is not only about your existing systems and data landscape; this is about integrations with your customers, providers, or partners

3) Traditionally, many enterprises' resources are focused on running rather than changing things. Thus, they may face potential budget limitations and a lack of management capacity, attention, and expertise in driving changes.

There are several ways to address these challenges. 

For example, moving your app and associated data to the cloud even without redesigning the app itself (so-called "lift and shift") usually opens new opportunities—we had a case when we helped our client unlock a whole new addressable market just by moving their platform to the cloud.

Another example is "hiding" the complexity of your legacy systems by implementing new interfaces, including mobile apps, for your customers or employees - some large financial institutions achieved great success in doing that without massive investment into changing their legacy back office systems.

We at awexon are happy to help with your legacy systems and data. Let's start with a free one-day workshop with our experts and see what we can do together to make your external and internal customers happy and build a foundation for sustainable future operations and growth while not breaking the bank.

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